Toenail Correction Treatments

Developed by podiatrists, LCN Wilde-Pedique is a highly effective system designed specifically for corrective and restorative toenail treatments.

The gel used in the treatment is extremely flexible and durable ensuring that it adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can be achieved where part of a toenail may be missing and it is also effective on scaly nail surfaces, ridged nails, deformations and can hide discolouration.

The protective properties of LCN Wilde-Pedique cares for growing toenails and it is ideal for:

  • Damaged nails following injury or trauma
  • A cosmetic solution to a fungal nail
  • Prosthesis after nail surgery
  • Prevention of infection

Suitable for men and women, this non-porous and hypo-allergenic product is not affected by water or nail varnish remover making it an excellent solution for patients who want to enhance the health and appearance of their toenails.

Perfect for holidays, swimming and pedicures!


Big Toes (each)

30 mins - 

Other Toes (each)

20 mins - 

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