Myo-fascial release

What is Myofascial Release Therapy?

‘Myo’ in medical terminology means muscle and ‘fascia’ is a band, or sheet of connective tissue.

In the body fascia surrounds every muscle fibre which collectively form muscle tissue, as well as our tendons, ligaments, bones and organs.

It creates separation between these structures as well as spaces through which nerves, blood vessels and fluids pass.

It is essentially a three dimensional, continuous web of connective tissue which extends throughout the entire body.

The fascial structure does not exist independently in each area of the body.

It is one continuous integrated structure from head to toe without interruptionknee pain myo-fascial release

What changes?

In its ‘healthy’ state fascia allows our internal body parts to move and glide over each other while giving us our shape and form.

But during our lives fascia can become restricted through trauma or emotion.

Trauma such as injury, accident or surgical procedure.

Emotion such as stress or tension or a combination of both.

This can cause the fascia to thicken resulting in restriction.

This in turn manifests as tension, dysfunction, pain/discomfort and ultimately postural change and compensation pain.back muscle treatment

How Does MFR Therapy work?

MFR Therapy is not massage, but a non-invasive hands on treatment performed directly ‘skin on skin’ without the use of oil or lubricants.

Slow, gentle pressure is applied to affected area(s) working on the fascial system to gradually release  the restriction.

During an MFR Therapy session you may become more aware of the connection between your emotions and your physical body.

MFR Therapy can help with neck pain, shoulder pain/frozen shoulder, back pain and hip pain as well as other issues.carpal tunnel treatment

Who can benefit from MFR Therapy?

Anyone who has chronic or long established pain.

From back pain to birth injuries and from frozen shoulder to headaches.

Any soft tissue manifesting pain can benefit from Myo-fascial therapy.

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