March 30, 2015: Ingrowing toenails?

Do you have painful ingrowing toenails?

If you do then read on as the Podiatrists at Maidenhead Podiatry have suggestions on how to manage them and there is no need to suffer.

Frequently, by careful trimming it is possible to bring painless and immediate relief to ingrowing nails that are more of a constant irritation than a significant problem.

However, if your ingrowing nail is more persistent, painful and has a history of infection, swelling and hypergranulation, the Podiatrists at Maidenhead Podiatry have a long term solution.

Historically doctors, orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists operated either under general anaesthesia or lots of painful local anaesthetic injections around the nail.

And after the operation the in growing toe nail often re-occurred.

Searching the internet for ingrowing toe nail operations provides a lot of misinformation and can easily put anyone off proceeding with this minor operation.

However, over the last ten years podiatrists have mastered administration of local digital anesthetic to provide a digital block and to minimise discomfort.

The procedure involves two small local injections at the base of the toe and removal of a section of ingrowing nail.

The nail bed is then cauterised with a chemical called phenol and dressed accordingly.

The recovery is between 4-8 weeks, depending on individual care and choice of footwear, redressing the toe regularly until healing is complete.

80% of patients do not take any post operative pain killers.

95% experience no regrowth.

100% patients wonder why they did not get it done sooner!

It’s the only long term solution for ingrowing toe nails.

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