April 20, 2015: The College of Podiatry approves Airflex™ range of mens shoes

The College of Podiatry approves Airflex™ range of mens shoes.



The College of Podiatry has partnered with Marks and Spencer with the College of Podiatry brand endorsement logo being added to a number of M&S footwear ranges in M&S stores.

A three-year partnership aims to raise awareness of the importance of good foot health and its essential role in maintaining an active, healthy life.

Already available in-stores, and proving extremely popular with customers, is the College of Podiatry approved Airflex™ range of mens shoes

The  Insolia® orthotic is now incorporated into all ladies footwear (excluding footglove).

InsoliaHeel®  decreases pressure in the forefoot, redistributes weight and improves ankle stability, while InsoliaFlex® improves walking efficiency and aids comfort.

Both are designed by American podiatrist Dr Howard Dananberg.

The College of Podiatry is excited to be working with M&S, as it enables the college to champion podiatry and its role in improving the foot health of the nation.

Equally, M&S are passionate about foot health and the expertise that podiatrists bring to individual health and well-being.

Part of the partnership is to look at all areas of footwear and work in partnership on key projects in the future.

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