Shin splints & metatarsalgia – a guest blog by Jeremy Ousey MSc MCPod

Do I have shin splints? Frequently patients come into clinic complaining of conditions like shin splints and metatarsalgia. These are two ‘diagnoses’ which are common labels used by many people, healthcare professionals, sports professionals and our friend Geena who works down the club and gets that exact same pain in her foot… We can allRead More

Biomechanics and musculoskeletal assessment – a guest blog by Jeremy Ousey MSc MCPod

Biomechanics and musculoskeletal assessment As part of working in private practice I regularly visit online forums for patients with common conditions – such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma and shin splints. I frequently read statements similar to “my friend said I need a biomechanics assessment” or “you need to go to the musculoskeletal clinic” orRead More

Feet and pregnancy

How your feet change during pregnancy How can you look after and care for your feet during pregnancy? At Maidenhead Podiatry we find foot care during pregnancy is often overlooked with treatment only being sought towards the end of term, and frequently only because feet can no longer be reached. Anti-natal classes provide lots ofRead More

We are open! Read how we manage Covid-19 risk.

We are open, working, and taking appointments for Podiatry and Chiropractic Covid-19 has brought many changes to our lives during the lockdown. We are having to take measures and considerations that will be with us for some months. As you are reading this we hope you are all well and staying safe. The purpose ofRead More

What is a Podiatrist?

What is a Podiatrist and what can they do for me? This article will guide you through the many and varied aspects of Podiatry and help you find the foot care that suits you best. To assist in stopping the development of preventable foot problems and advise you in self care. To offer a betterRead More

What does walking do to your feet?

What happens to your feet when walking? At Maidenhead Podiatry, our Podiatrists are often asked how walking affects your feet. In an average lifetime, it is estimated that we walk about 100,000 miles/160,000 km. The ligaments, tendons, and muscles in our feet support and coordinate movement. So walking helps strengthen them and keeps them supple.Read More

Referred pain, compensation pain and ingrowing nail pain.

What is causing your foot pain? Our blogs this month have looked at some of the causes of foot pain. Now, in the last of this series of blogs we look at some of the causes of foot pain not already covered. Referred pain This is where the cause of pain isn’t where the painRead More

Do you have soft tissue pain? have you tried Myo-Fascial release (MFR)?

Do you have muscle and joint pain? Amanda Craufurd is joining the team at Maidenhead Podiatry as a Myo-fascial release therapist. Amanda qualified in Swedish Massage in 2006 and began Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) in 2016. Recently she completed her training as an Advanced Myofascial Release Practitioner. Amanda has experienced the benefits of MFR TherapyRead More

Why do I have localised foot pain?

Why do I have pain in specific parts of my foot? This is where the pain is usually sharp or persistent and is often focused on a single point or area. Toes Our nails tend to grow more slowly and more thickly as we get older. This is often a result of reduced circulation andRead More

Why do I have pain in the arch and big toe?

What is the cause of my arch and big toe pain? At Maidenhead Podiatry and Chiropractic Clinic, our Podiatrists are often asked about foot pain located in the inner long arch or inside of the foot. The pain often associated with pain in the large/big toe joint. It can also radiate up the leg. WhenRead More