What is the cause of my arch and big toe pain? At Maidenhead Podiatry and Chiropractic Clinic our Podiatrists are often asked about foot pain located in the inner long arch or inside of the foot. The pain often associated with pain in the large/big toe joint. It can also radiate up the leg. WhenRead More

What is causing my heel pain? At Maidenhead Podiatry our Podiatrists are regularly asked about heel pain which is often at its worst first thing in the morning or when walking after a period of rest. The first part of the gait cycle, where your foot has its first contact with the ground, is called ‘heel strike’.Read More

Why do my feet hurt? In a series of blogs this month we will look at the causes of foot pain. There are many reasons why anyone can experience different levels and types of foot pain. Sharp or dull, bruised or persistant, pain is a warning – don’t ignore it! This list is not exhaustiveRead More

We are open, working and taking appointments for Podiatry, Chiropractic and Beauty! Covid-19 has brought many changes to our lives during the lockdown. We are having to take measures and considerations that will be with us for some months. As you are reading this we hope you are all well and staying safe. The purposeRead More

The festive season is fast approaching and December will be tough on our feet!   As we approach Christmas, the Podiatrists at Maidenhead Podiatry see an increase of people seeking advice on foot pain. As we get caught up in the spirit of the season it is easy to overlook how much more active weRead More

(Radial) SHOCKWAVE Therapy (SWT) Radial Shockwave is a tried, tested and well researched treatment used in physiotherapy since the 1990s. It has gained popularity due to it’s effectiveness and application across a wide range of professions. SWT is used by both our podiatrists and our chiropractors to treat a variety of conditions including those listedRead More

At Maidenhead Podiatry we are often asked – ‘when do I need to see a Podiatrist?’ In answer to this we have produced this article to guide you through the many and varied aspects of Podiatry and help you find the foot care that suits you best. To assist in stopping the development of preventableRead More