Biomechanics Treatments

Focusing on the structure, alignment, strengths and weaknesses of the foot.

Your Consultation

Your Gait Analysis/bio-mechanical examination will be carried out by our Podiatry team at Maidenhead Podiatry.

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What is a gait analysis/bio-mechanical examination?

Gait analysis or Biomechanical assessment is a complex deconstruction of your walking and/or running pattern.

The consultation examines your body’s movement (biomechanics) during walking and/or running. You will be assessed ‘statically’ in both seated and standing positions, and possibly ‘dynamically’ on a treadmill.

Anyone can benefit from assessment and it is commonly used to help athletes run more efficiently as well as identifying movement-related problems with injuries in the feet, ankles, knees, hips or lower back.

Podiatrists have a special interest in how people walk and run, treating painful feet and preventing injury.

  • Infra-Red pressure analysis identifies areas of increased/uneven foot pressure and inefficiencies in your walking pattern
  • Video analysis may also used to identify in-efficient gait patterns and/or increased stress in the lower legs and feet.
  • An impression of the foot is then taken with either a 3D scan, traditional plaster of Paris or a foam impression box to enable manufacture of a prescribed, custom made insole/orthotic device specific to you.

Will I need new shoes?

An orthotic is a specialised insole placed inside a shoe changing the way the foot works, reduce the degree of stress that the foot is under during walking and to offload painful areas of the foot.

At Maidenhead Podiatry we have a range of Orthotics available from temporary insoles, semi-custom orthotics to specialised fully custom made medical devices.
It is common for our Podiatrists hear ‘my orthotics cannot fit into my shoes!’ but it is possible to prescribe specific custom-made orthotics designed to fit into low profile shoes such as rugby boots and even converse!

Your Podiatrist will assess your specific orthotic requirement and design it to suit your footwear and/or make footwear recommendations to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

What happens following the assessment?

As part of your specific orthotic package, we usually fit your orthotics around 1-3 weeks after consultation and a review appointment will also be booked between 4-6 weeks following your fitting appointment.

Strength, flexibility and posture are all important and will be identified within your consultation.

If further investigation or alternative management is required following your assessment we will liaise with your GP and Consultants on your behalf. Treatment may also include referrals to additional allied health practitioners, such as physiotherapists for specific rehabilitation.

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