July 12, 2021: How to achieve pain-free sleep

Are you having sleepless nights?

Our Chiropractors are frequently asked about night pain and interrupted sleep. This is a surprisingly common problem and has many possible causes and many possible solutions.

Tips for Pain-Free Sleeping from the Chiropractors at Maidenhead Podiatry and Chiropractic Clinic

Sleep is so important to our health. Deep sleep allows the body to better heal when it is damaged or fighting infection.

It affects our mood and our ability to function. and it also greatly affects how intensely we feel pain.

Do you move when asleep?

We are often unaware that generally we re-position ourselves 20 times or so during the course of a night’s sleep to avoid painful pressure points and uncomfortable positions.

However, if you are intoxicated from too much alcohol or drugs, when you fall asleep you tend to move very little, if at all, through the night and this can explain whilst waking after a ‘heavy night’ you can feel so stiff!

Pillows and mattresses

Advice on pillows, mattresses and sleeping positions are so important because buying what we sleep on and in, should be done with care.

Whenever possible look for a ‘try-before-you-buy’ product that you can spend a good 15mins lying on to help you decide if you will be comfortable for many hours and years to come. Some mattress manufacturers now offer a money back guarantee.

Ask yourself, “is the product large/wide enough for my partner and I?”

How good is it and long will it last?

When buying a bed remember you will be getting in and out of it for many years, at times when you may well be less fit and mobile than you currently are!

Beware of flashy wording and branding and products long on promise and short on quality. Believe it or not, despite the craze for “orthopaedic” mattresses and pillows, there are minimal regulations governing how manufacturers describe their own goods, and a well-branded item is not necessarily better than another.

Best to make your own comparison and find the one that’s right for you.

……..and what about the mattress and base?

How firm should a mattress be?

Individuals require different mattresses, so finding a balance for you and your partner’s needs is important, but it isn’t the only thing you need to consider.

…and the bed base?

The base of the bed will greatly affect the support you get, so an ageing, worn mattress on a hard base may provide enough support, whilst a firm mattress on a soft base may be inadequate.

Generally the heavier you are the more support you need.

The deeper you sag into a soft mattress and base, the harder you will find it to turn, so do try moving and turning on any you try before buying.

Remember to turn your mattress to get the most life out of it. (Some manufacturers specify that their mattresses shouldn’t be turned, so always read the label)

If you opt for a spring-filled mattress, choosing one with more springs should give better comfort and support.

If you wish to get a little more comfort but can’t afford a new mattress, consider a mattress topper. Usually made of memory foam, a mattress topper will help conform to the shape of your back while you sleep.

Our Chiropractors have over thirty years of experience between them and commonly consult on a range of conditions from low back pain to headaches, from elbow pain to referred pain as well as a range of mechanical, structural and functional issues.

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