Massage in various forms has existed since before recorded history. Often referred to as the ‘laying on of hands’ a common and appropriate definition of massage is ‘the therapeutic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body’. The beneficial effects of massage are many and varied, from the reduction of pain and increase in rangeRead More

Have you ever thought about visiting a Chiropractor but wondered what they do?  We took some time to speak to our Chiropractic team – Rebecca Rees (BSC) and Dr Lucy Steel (BSc, MSc, DC) to find out a bit more about what they do, how they could help you and about a typical days work,Read More

The Hand, Foot and Beauty Studio, Maidenhead are delighted to now offer our clients a range of personalised Elemis facials. The NEW Elemis Biotec facial effects positive changes in the skin through a unique combination of actives, touch and technology. Actives are the name for the high potency skin products used, Touch refers to the specialisedRead More

Snap-shots from the history of footwear The Ancient Egyptians used to paint the picture of their enemy on the sole of their shoe so that they stamped on them when they walked. Today in parts of the Middle East, throwing your shoe at someone is considered a gross insult. The Romans are thought to haveRead More

Caring for your feet during pregnancy. At Maidenhead Podiatry we find foot care during pregnancy is often overlooked with treatment only being sought towards the end of term, and frequently only because feet can no longer be reached. Pregnancy means many changes in a woman’s body and there are common complaints that develop over theRead More

At Maidenhead Podiatry, our Podiatrists are often asked – ‘Do I have hammer toes and can they be treated?’ A hammer toe is a toe that is bent or flexed at the middle joint in the toe and can lead to considerable pressure and pain. The ligaments and tendons on the underside of the toeRead More