So many people have fungal nails and become increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress using commonly available over the counter treatments. So how do you go about treating your fungal nail? In this blog we will address infection mechanism and treatment and listed below are ten important things you should know about treating yourRead More

In an average lifetime it is estimated that we walk about 100,000 miles, and at Maidenhead Podiatry, our Podiatrists are often asked “how does walking affect your feet?”  Walking helps the ligaments, tendons and muscles in our feet to work more efficiently and helps maintain suppleness and flexibility.  Walking at a brisk pace for regular exercise helps conditionRead More

Have you ever thought of having Semi-Permanent Make Up and wondered what it is all about? We spoke to Paula Aldridge our in-house cosmetic tattoo specialist. How long have you been doing semi-permanent make up? Over ten years now. I trained with Nouveau Contour, a leading company in this field and gained experience while runningRead More

We are DELIGHTED to welcome new practitioners and staff to the Maidenhead Podiatry clinic team this month, here is a little more about our new colleagues: Pauline Shaw (Podiatrist) MChS BSc graduated from the University of Northampton in 2007 with BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.  She has undertaken work in the NHS since 2007 and theRead More

We all know how frustrating it is when your beautiful, polished nails begin to look chipped and worn.  So here are some top tips to help keep your nails looking lovely, for longer: Nail Biting & Nibbling: Probably brought on by stress or nerves, biting and nibbling the nails is one of the most common ways toRead More

As a client what can I expect from the BIOTEC facials?  Quite simply, these amazing facials deliver immediate, visible and longer-lasting results. What do they do and why are they so special? They are designed to re-boot cellular performance to enhance the skin’s ability to repair, renew and re-tone. Chosen for your specific requirements, theRead More

The summer season is here, with Henley and Wimbledon all on the horizon, so why not treat yourself to a relaxing and indulgent Elemis Facial. At Maidenhead Podiatry we are very proud to be working with Elemis, a leading and innovative British skincare company. Your first Elemis appointment will be for 90 minutes and thisRead More

The Podiatrists at Maidenhead Podiatry have put together a number of summer foot-care tips, to help get your feet in shape for the beach or just a summer at home. Trim your toenails for summer – Use proper nail clippers and cut straight across following the contour of the toe, not too short, and not downRead More